Side Locations

October 28, 2017

Side Locations

We understand that planning your trip becomes easy when you are close to everything. Master Quality Hotels & Inn is near to several fascinating places on Victoria Island, Lagos which may be of interest to while lodging with us.

Our Neighbourhood Guide...

Kuramo Beach

Kuramo Beach, a sandy beach, is situated at the south side of Victoria Island, which is just south of Kuramo Waters lagoon and east of Bar Beach. Every minute, the mighty waves of the Atlantic coast scuffle against the washed-out sands of the beach. And from a distance, the force of the ever raging wave can be heard.

Close Proximity to Banks

Of the over 20 Nigerian banks and financial institutions, 95% of them have their Head Offices located in Lagos State, Victoria Island to be precise. Master Quality Inn is at the heart of all the financial institutions you would need to cater for your monetary requirements during your stay.

Terra Kulture Art Gallery

Located in the heart of Victoria Island’s buzzing business district, Terra Kulture serves as the recreational and cultural hub of the neighbourhood, as it attracts a diverse crowd from near and afar who come to experience the wide range of unique services that it has to offer. The art gallery has tantalising artworks that are quite refreshing and educational.

Escape Nightlife

Escape nightclub is a must visit place for fun loving individuals who needs to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the Lagos metropolis. It is ideal for parties, hanging out, and chilling. Beautifully decorated, it's one of the most visited hangout place for top Nigerian celebrities be it weekend or events that are most talked about.

Stores & Malls

Shopping and grocery runs are super easy heading out from Master Quality Inn. You are surrounded by a string of stores, malls and pharmacies such as: SLOT, Nars Supermarket, Delis Grocery Store, Mega Plaza Shopping Mall, Spar Park N Shop, etc.

Leaders in Hospitality

Master Quality Inn is a legendary place that has played a host to diversified travelers, dignities, and other eminent personalities from distant locations across the globe. Book Now
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